First Flight Auto   301 S Jefferson Ave A Plain City,OH43064   (614) 206-5357
First Flight Auto
301 S Jefferson Ave A
Plain CityOH 43064

Mechanic Needed, Call To Inquire

 (614) 206-5357

Reviews Of First Flight Auto

4.98 48 Reviews
Jeff Barry
Sep 20, 2018

Great Spot ...Nechanic never shows up or LATE

Travis Lamar
Jul 28, 2018

100% would recommend! Originally I was looking at a truck but then found a nice used Jeep. Though my many month long car search I expected the Jeep to have a problem with it but I couldn’t find anything at all. The staff was very helpful in telling me everything that they did to the car that was needed so that it could be sold. The staff was also very friendly and didn’t push me into purchasing the vehicle. It felt like a family friendly company that I could trust for another purchase of a car in the future.

Emmy Wells
Jul 15, 2018

Richard R Hart
Jul 03, 2018

Mark and John were both a pleasure to do business with. They both made the whole car buying experience as personal, friendly and pleasant as possible! I would recommend the drive, even at 2 hrs and 15 min its well worth the drive and I would venture to say it was a fast and convenient experience. I honestly just can't fit all the great things to say about Mark Elias and John Thomas! If you need a dependable car Look Up FIRST FLIGHT AUTO! You'll be glad you did! Rick H.

Christopher Rhodes
Jun 29, 2018

Mark and JT were great to deal with. The vehicle is clean and solid. I highly recommend this company, and would go back as a return customer.

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